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Product Information
Triangular 3 leg tower - From 3 Metres (9.8ft) to 72.55 Metres (238ft) in height - Modular design - Standard calculations and additional Structural calculations and site specific calculations available
Towers available in configurations of F to 7

Standard design wind speed - 45m/s
Survival wind speed - 52m/s
Eurocode compliant

3.2 Structure : Self Supporting (SS) for tower
3.3 Number of Legs : Three (3) for tower.
3.4 Footprint : Triangular
3.5 Design Code : BS 449 (Specification for the use of structural steel
in building)
3.6 Steel Materials : Hot-dip Galvanized members made of regular
MS Tubes, angles, pipes & plates
3.7 Material Codes : Steel Works : BS 4360
Bolts & Nuts : BS 4190, BS 3692 & BS 4320
Galvanizing : BS 729
Welding : BS 5135

Standard head loads
Head Loads :
a) 580Kg at top of tower OR
b) 580Kg at top 3.05m of tower OR
c) 800Kg at top 9.15m of tower OR
d) 900Kg at top 15.25m of tower OR
e) 1080Kg at top 21.35m of tower.