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TRS2-4 18 Metre Self Supporting Tower

Product Information

TRS2-4 18 metre

TRS Series self supporting masts

  • Various heights from 6 metres to 45 metres
  • Modular concept
  • Available etched and primed in colour of choice as an extra
  • Main sections 6 metres height, top sections 3 metre heights
  • In built anti climb rungs
  • Certified under the Defence Estates certification R12 Rev.B and BS 8100 Pt.1 1986 / BS 8100 P2 1999 & BS 6399 Pt 2 1997.
  • Fully galvanized after manufacture to BS EN 729/ISO 1461:1999
  • Built to suit application for wind loading requirements
  • Ladder sections and a fall arrest system are provided as are ground works for base grillage and full erection services if required
  • The base foundation size will change relative to the face width and soil conditions 
  • We also design, manufacture Antennas, supply cables, connectors, bracketry and cleating to suit your needs.

Suited for:

  • VHF/UHF PMR or telemetry antenna systems
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Wireless broadband links
  • Microwave links
  • Phone masts
  • CCTV mounting support mast
  • Floodlight and security
  • microwave links
  • Meteorological instruments masts for data collection
  • A wide range of applications can be suited and built on to this tower
  • Heavy duty commercial radio mast suitable for multi use operations - dependant on wind loading calculations

All applications would be subject to location and Loading calculations.

Site surveys can be carried out by our own qualified staff.

Save on site delivery charges and have our own experienced installation team deliver and install.

We also offer mast repairs, refurbishments and yearly safe to climb certification.

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