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Mast and Tower Quotations

The following information is the minimum required to generate structure quotations

Structure information:

1/ Map co-ordinates of proposed structure

2/ Height of structure proposed

3/ any shape requirements - Triangle / Square / Round pole

4/ Freestanding / Guyed / Tilt over

5/ Life span (standard 50 years)


Equipment information:

1/ Equipment proposed - dimensions, loading, wind area - send specifications

2/ proposed height and orientation of each piece of equipment

3/ Feeder number / type and terminate at height

4/ Mounting details

5/ Ladders / Rest platforms

6/ any other loads



1/ Soil test results or estimated soil bearing capacity

2/ any special requirements that limits the foundation area or dimensions

3/ any special requests (grillages or specific foundation types)


We will require the above information to generate accurate quotations, normal timescales for quote generation is 5-10 working days and this will be extended in busy periods.