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Hardly a week goes by when we don’t see news articles about the energy and fuel crisis in the UK and the need for businesses to reduce their consumption. Energy and fuel prices over the 10 years have grown to be almost as large as an SL50! Reducing our energy consumption and cutting the associated costs has been at the forefront of our minds for a while.

We have looked at a number of different ways to cut our carbon footprint and one of our largest expenditures… petrol and diesel.

We have all seen the hybrid and electric cars so we decided to investigate the feasibility of the electric cars. Did you know that an electric car plugs into a 13amp power supply, the same as your TV! And for a 100 mile range it costs approx. £3.40!

Just like the conventional fuel cars, electric cars need to be topped up and it seems that electric car owners receive preferential treatment, for instance there are electric car only parking bays, usually located close to the store with free charge available. But what about the charging, it takes ages doesn’t it? There are 3 types of charge points (most are free to use) Slow: which means from empty to full it takes 6-8 hours. Fast: 3-4 hours for a full charge and Rapid: which takes approx. 30 mins to recharge from empty to a full battery.

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Gary and Graham test drove the Nissan Leaf, the first thing they both noticed was how quiet the car is, no revving engine, no rattling exhaust – impressive! The very next thing you’ll notice if you get a chance to test drive the Leaf is the speed. A conventional engine takes a while to get going, the electric car just goes – fast! It takes a while to get used to planning a journey around charge points, but the benefits far out-weigh this slight initial inconvenience.

Needless to say we purchased two Nissan Leafs and we have discovered that electric vehicles are beneficial not just for the environment but also for the business, financially. Here are our little beauties:

Both of these vehicles are proving to be a big success for us and we now have a charge point at the unit address in Round Spinney, Northampton and we are offering all Radio Structure customers the opportunity to charge your electric vehicles, free of charge of course.

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