The Coldest Journey, The Final Word…

For over a year we have followed the trials and tribulations of the ice team as they attempted to cross Antarctic in Winter! One of the few challenges in the world that remain unconquered and after following the teams progress we can appreciate why!

Images like the one below aptly named by the team the CAT trap are scary reminders of just how inhospitable this terrain really is and gives a glimpse into the dangers the coldest journey team faced on a daily basis… and they were away from home for over a year!

the coldest hourner, the final word

The team requested these and the other frightening images were not released until they were safely home again – understandable! Can you imagine what would have been going through family members minds if this had been published whilst the team were still on the frozen continent? They say a picture paints a thousand words, the other images on the ice teams flickr account is surely a horror story! I think there maybe one or two people eating the derogatory comments they made when the decision was made not to continue the crossing.

Thankfully the Ice Team are back in Blighty safe and sound and are engaging in the media round up that these things always generate. Making the most of the publicity to continue to raise funds for Seeing is Believing. You can still make a donation to this very worthy cause here.

This will be our last post about the Coldest Journey, it has been an honour to be a sponsor and to watch the story unfold, the last year has been very interesting and their journey has been nothing short of inspirational.

Such a daring expedition, well done on the safe return of the entire team and for the massive fund raising effort and science work you have achieved.

We salute you Ice Team! from Radio Structures Ltd


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