The Coldest Journey – At Dock

The Coldest Journey and Radio Structures Ltd

As very proud sponsors of The Coldest Journey we were honoured to be invited to tour the expedition ship SA Agulhas yesterday.  The ship, which is due to sail today at approximately 3.15pm is now loaded with all the equipment required for the Antarctic crossing.  Our structures are all on board and ready to go.  We’re sure you have probably seen the media coverage relating to this historic expedition including interviews with Sir Ranulph Fiennes who we have been lucky enough to deal with directly, one of our e-mail exchanges below

“Dear Lisa

1000 Thanks for so efficiently and generously sponsoring us in double quick time with the mast sections.   Please thank everyone involved at RADIO STRUCTURES from all of our Ice Team.

Very best wishes

For details on the type of mast Sir Ranulph will be using please visit our website call 01604 790005 or  We look forward to hearing from you.  We hope you will join us in wishing Sir Ranulph and his Ice Team the very best of British.  We look forward to following their progress.

A picutre of SA Agulhas docked next to HMS Belfast

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