Radio Structures Christmas Competition

Any excuse for a caption competition! 

Santa mast

The Rules:
Please keep it clean, non-offensive or abusive… funny is totally acceptable! You can enter as many times as you like. To enter the competition simply comment on this blog with your caption entry. Entries must be posted before midnight on Wednesday 11th December 2013. No cash alternative will be offered.

radio structures Christmas HamperThe Prize
A unique Christmas Hamper consisting of a mix of Marks and Spencer goodies and a few treats from Radio Structures.

So what are you waiting for… get commenting below!


Radio Structures Christmas Competition — 24 Comments

  1. “Santa, I said the aerial can have circular polarisation if you want, not a circular ride as you thought”! That will teach me to read it properly before posting. CM

  2. Due to increasing health and Safety regulations, Santa is forced to personally test every single Christmas gift, including the space saving “2 in 1 RS Mast and Swing set”.

  3. Santa’s waving now boys and girls, but no laughing when he splats that white van.

    As the sales team try new wheezes, RS health and safety personnel hope that someone has estimated the correct length of the bungee cord.

    After snagging an unlit radiostructure, Santa still manages a cheery wave as he is lowered to the ground by his testacles.

  4. Santa tests out his new direction finding aerial supplied by Radio Structures in readiness for navigating he sleigh on Christmas eve.

  5. That’s not a digital signal must be half a Sign wave looks like one on off those old analogue signals must be old Santa oh Garry will know him :

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