Radio Caroline Mast Update

Since our last post regarding our work on the new mast for Radio Caroline, where we installed the second section (see previous blog post) We have visited Tilbury docks a couple of times and for one reason or another our work was thwarted, including the crane denied access to the docks, but we got there in the end!

All six sections of the radio mast are now complete!

Mast at Radio Caroline

The radio mast now stands 36 meters from the deck. this has been a great project to work on and we are proud to have been able to support Radio Caroline.

radio caroline mast

Hopefully Radio Caroline enthusiasts and listeners will benefit from our sponsorship for years to come.

There’s more news, it has been decided to add cross-arms to the radio mast in-keeping with the original mast. So it looks like this project will continue…



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Radio Caroline Mast Update — 10 Comments

  1. Well Done Radio Structures,
    You have done a wonderful job in building the new mast on board the Ross Revenege, when I saw the updated picture on the Caroline website I felt really proud, the mast compliments the great ship and I like its silver colour.
    The mast will look amazing with its cross tree sections, thanks must also go to Lockier Moters.
    Superb work!

  2. Well done! That looks superb and will look even better with cross trees and guy wires in place. Thanks very much to you and the other sponsors who have made this possible. obviously it can never be 300ft like the original mast but could it be safely made any taller as at 118 ft or so it is very much shorter than even the original mast on the Mi Amigo?

    • Hi Roger, thank you for your lovely comments. We are very proud to support Radio Caroline. There is a possibility that the mast could be extended but I understand that Radio Caroline are more than happy with its current height. I think once the cross arms and guys are in place it will look even more impressive :)

      • I would imagine that the 36/37m assembly is preferred on the grounds of robustness. But, please, will sombody get rid of that rusting “mainstay”. Its removal would grant two/three good deckpoints and really tidy the ship.

  3. Thank you , a big step forward for the beautiful ship !
    I miss insulators in your list of products , do you have strong ones for such stays?

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