Newsletter Sept ’12

Radio Structures Ltd

The Final Countdown!

Welcome to our newsletter.  This month brings the great news that after lengthy talks between Radio Caroline and the docks they are ready to take delivery and erection of their new mast.  We are all very excited to finally get the news that it’s all go!  There will be a film crew on the big day to record the historic moment so look out on our website for more details.We undertake various rigging projects throughout the UK and have recently completed a project in Africa (the rigging team are now sporting very impressive sun tans!).  Don’t forget it is a recommendation that all Tower and Mast structures are inspected every 12 months.  If you haven’t already received a reminder from us and you know it is over a year since we last visited you please do not hesitate to contact us on 01604 790005 or e-mail for a quotation.  All inspections include a full report and Safe to Climb Certification.This month also brings the fantastic news that we have been able to reduce our price for RG213.  Due to our increased buying power we have managed to secure a more competitive price for RG213 (Mill Spec).  Visit our website to see our reduced price visit our website for further details on our products call 01604 790005 or e-mail  We look forward to hearing from you.

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