Meet the Team – Graham Jones

We asked each member of the Radio Structures team a series of questions, designed to allow our readers and customers a bit more of an insight into the daily life here at Gatelodge.

Graham fiFull Name: Graham Jones

Official Job Title: General Manager

Duties: dogs body, everything, chief tormentor of Jez.

Previous experience: Lorry driver, transport supervisor, health and safety manager, warehouse man, rigger.

Period of Service: Been with the company since he was born, but on the payroll for 7 years

Favourite part of the job: Everything, getting up and coming to work, we don’t think he was being sarcastic!

Biggest Challenge: Graham replied ‘beating my dad’ we asked for clarification ‘with a big stick or sales?’

Ideal day off: Decorating, because that is all I seem to do.

Would most like to meet: Warren Buffett, one of the best investors in the world ever! Graham went on to mention some statistics… we zoned out!

Favourite quote: If you want a job done properly… get a tradesman! We get the feeling he might be a bit fed up with home improvements!

Favourite food: Chilli or anything very spicy. Which we are sure the rest of the office team appreciate enormously!

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