Meet the Team Bio – Lisa Clayson

We ask each member of the Radio Structures team a series of questions, designed to allow our readers and customers a bit more of an insight into the daily life here at Gatelodge.

lisa claysonFull Name: Lisa Clayson

Official Job Title: Office Manager

Duties: ‘anything and everything’ including sales, delivery notes, marketing, quotations, tenders, co-ordinating the rigging, risk and method statements, in-house policies and procedures, reporting, working with a number of out sourced service providers like HR and Marketing, follow ups and generally annoying people.

Previous experience: Lisa has a predominantly admin background and is a qualified chef!

Period of Service: Lisa has been an integral part of the Radio Structures team since December 2010

Favourite part of the job: Lisa says ‘speaking to people, it’s just there is a lot of them to speak to at the moment’ Good to see these guys so busy!

Biggest Challenge: The technical side, although in this authors opinion you would never know!

Ideal day off: Lisa and her family have recently purchased a caravan (please don’t hate her!) but insists she doesn’t wear socks and sandals, well not together!

Would most like to meet: Jimmy Page


Meet the Team Bio – Lisa Clayson — 1 Comment

  1. OMG! is that cliche in Britain as well: Dutch and Germans buy caravans to travel around and Germans run only around in sandals and white socks?? pfuu, that was the first prejudice, when I settles in western Austria as well…. small world! but great masts You build up there (in whatever socks You wear! LOL)

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