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The Official TRS dogs body…. In and out of everything!

The cat’s away (Lisa) so the mice will play… Lisa usually writes our blogs but is off this week, so I thought you would all appreciate a different flavour.

I decided to give you an idea of what life is at TRS … it’s all go go go!

At the moment we are working on a variety of different projects; we are installing the radiating cable or leaky feeder as known by some at the prestigious Walkie Talkie building on Fenchurch Street in the centre of London, the fabrication team are working on numerous bespoke tilt over masts for sites worldwide and a static CCTV mast for a large blue-chip client, the antenna manufacturing team are working on a number of antenna including an 8 stack Omni-directional antenna which stands around 6 metres tall this is on top of the numerous yagi, dipole, end fed and collinear types we are manufacturing for clients worldwide.

So back to what I do, I have had to replace my shoes… all the running around I have been doing lately. Also I believe I hold the office record for the amount of cheesecake cookies eaten in one sitting, my excuse is I needed the energy, so it’s all ok. Seriously I spend my time writing tenders, researching new products and procurement of high quality materials from all around the globe, the perks of this being it has taken me on numerous trips to suppliers and on tender surveys nationally and internationally.


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