Coldest Journey – Blue Ice

Coldest Journey Update – The Challenging Blue Ice

vlue ice

Besides crevasse fields, blue ice is probably the worst sort of terrain to stifle the progress of the Ice Team. In the persistent winds, cold enough to burn your skin, the snow has been scoured from the landscape to leave these Bristol-sized patches of ice.

Tris Kaye from The Ops Team says in a recent blog post:

I want to say that the sort of blue ice the team have been encountering is as hard as steel, but the studies I’ve found can’t support that – but only just! The Ice Team have had more than their fair share of blue ice on this expedition, and they are getting more and more used to coping with it – which is not the same as they like it! Here is a video Ian Prickett made some time ago which gives a good reminder of what blue ice is and how it hampers progress so severely. Watch out for those tracks spinning!

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