Anti-Climb Devices

Anti-climb devices are becoming increasingly popular with our clients. They are an invaluable addition to masts and tower structures to prevent unwanted visitors and worse life threatening accidents.

There are various types of anti-climb devices available: panels, barbed wire frames and spikes for post masts.

Anti-Climb Devices

Anti-Climb Devices

Full panel or mesh panel anti-climb devices can be padlocked for easy ladder access for authorised personnel only.

All anti-climb devices are hot dipped galvanised steel with the option of powder coating to a colour of your choice. Not only do we fabricate anti-climb products for our own masts and towers we can also produce bespoke solutions. Fabrication is completed in our own in-house engineering department.

You can view the range of standard anti-climb devices on our website or call our office on 01604 790005 to discuss a tailored solution.

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