Meet the Team – Trudy Lister

We asked each member of the Radio Structures team a series of questions, designed to allow our readers and customers a bit more of an insight into the daily life here at Gatelodge.

Trudy 1 fiFull Name: Trudy Lister

Official Job Title: Financial Controller

Duties: Accounts, making sure we have enough pennies

Previous experience: Accounts, accounts and more accounts

Period of Service: 7 years in March

Favourite part of the job: Speaking with my customers and suppliers because they are all lovely

Biggest Challenge: Retiring… I used to aim for 65 now it’s 67… they keep moving the goal posts!

Ideal day off: Decorating and renovating run down properties

Would most like to meet: Sarah Beanie, I have loads of questions I would ask her!

Phobia: Belly buttons

Favourite quote: Don’t show me your belly button because I will gag!


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