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FUC9-900 9dB Gain Colinear Frequency 890-980MHz
FUC9-900 9dB Gain Colinear Frequency 890-980MHz
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The FUC9-900 type antenna is a very robust, high strength omni-directional antenna that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.They are manufactured to a high degree of Telecommunications specifications, whereby all the phased radiating elements are treated with a plasfilm coating and solder joints are seal moulded in black carbon-loaded polyethylene then housed in a reinforced white fibreglass tube. These antennas were designed specifically for the cellular 900 MHz band and comes complete with mounting bracketry.


Gain over 1/2 wave dipole  9 dB 
V.S.W.R. Better than 1.5:1 over the operating band 
Maximum input power rating 250 Watts 
Input impedance 50 Ohms 
Band width 4%
Polarisation Vertical  
Half power beam width 8 degrees 
Connection N-Type socket and PVC sleeve 
Encapsulation Reinforced fibreglass tube 
Mounting brackets CVB type - supplied 
Mounting stub 1 3/4" x 10g aluminium mirror polished alloy tube
Length 3.2 metres 
Weight 3.5 kgs 
Windloading 13.0 kgf  @ wind velocity of 160 kph

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