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CDF450-Array Four Stack Array Freq 380 to 470MHz
CDF450-Array Four Stack Array Freq 380 to 470MHz
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Product Information

The CDF450-Array is designed as a fixed base station antenna and Manufactured to a high degree of Telecommunication specifications. The array comprises of four vertical dipoles mounted on a support boom. The dipoles are fed in phase by a special matching harness which can incorporate a 5 or 10 degree down tilt. The dipoles can be orientated from their omni-directional position to one side of the boom (vertical in line) to give directional coverage. These antennas can be stacked one above the other for talk through / duplex working. Special mounting kits are available on request for stacking these antennas.


Gain over 1/2 wave dipole  Omni-directional 5.5 dB or
 Directional 7.5 dB 
V.S.W.R. Better than 1.5:1 over the operating band 
Maximum input power rating 250 Watts 
Input impedance 50 Ohms 
Band width 11%
Polarisation Vertical  
Connection 3 metres of RG213 fitted with N-Type socket and PVC sleeve 
Mounting boom 1 1/2" x 10 swg aluminium mirror polished alloy tube  HE30TF 
Radiating elements 1/2" x 16 swg aluminium mirror polished alloy tube - HE9TF 
Castings Kemloc aluminium alloy 
Insulator Black carbon polyethylene 
Nuts & bolts 18/8 stainless steel and A2 Nyloc nuts 
Length 90" (2.3metres)  
Weight at: 5.0 kgs     
Windloading at wind velocity of 160 kph 12.5 kgf

TETRA band

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